God’s Best!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about walking in faith and God’s will/plan for our lives. I think we are always presented with options sometimes they are from God, sometimes they may look like they are from God (but are not), and sometimes they are not at all from God and more driven our human desires. So often hearing Gods voice can be hard, and many times multiple options in in life sound like God...So how do you know which to follow?

I think first it requires prayer. Most of us that follow Christ downplay the importance of our prayer life, but it’s the lifeline between us and God. If we aren’t actively in conversation with God how can we ever know when He is speaking? Let me put it this way, my kids know the sound of my voice. It doesn’t matter what the situation it is, if I speak there is a peace that follows. I have a relationship with them, we read stories, we play, we talk, and we pray together. So when I speak there is a comfort for them in the sound of my voice. God desires the same with us, and our souls desire the same from God; it starts with our prayer life.

The second thing required takes action; an abundance of faith. Like any big decision in life there is risk, the same goes with following God. He’s is always calling us to move forward in faith, and most of the time it always costs us something. Take Peter for example, he steps out of the boat not worrying about the water but focused on the voice of Jesus. There was a risk, it could of literally cost the man his life—but he knew who was calling him (Matthew 14). Or how about Moses, he walks before literally the most powerful man in the world and demands him to give up his basically free work force because God demands it (Exodus 7). The very request should have cost Moses his life! Both of these examples knew the one who called them, risk didn’t matter, their role in the story was to walk in obedience.

Our journey in church planting has been no different. We sold our house, packed up our family, and moved to a city where we knew literally not one person. Many would say “what were you thinking?”—truth is I have asked myself the same question a few times. So why haven’t we given up? We press forward because there is no other option for our family, knowing we are walking in the will of the Lord outweighs and risk. The best part God has been so faithful to us along the way.

We had options when we were going to plant Anchor. We thought for sure the right option was to plant in our hometown, it made the most sense. That option would of yeilded an abundance of rewards, and I’m sure God would have used us there. So why not? It wasn’t God calling us there, it was our own desires and what was comfortable. God made it very clear Toledo was are home and His will for us. It’s the thing that has kept us moving forward on the hard days, and he continues to affirm it every step of the way. My point is there was a risk, it cost us something, but I would do it a million times over.

I think sometimes God gives us choices, and it doesn’t always mean every choice is bad. Sometimes multiple choices can be good choices. But if my desire it to fully become who He created me to be, to fulfill the complete call He has placed on my life it requires taking a step of faith into the unknown. God’s best for you is right around the corner. Don’t settle for a bowl of soup and compromise the blessing God has for your future (Genesis 25). I’m not sure what Anchor will look like next year (or in 5), but I know we are right where God has called us to be. So it doesn’t matter what the future holds, it only matters that we follow His steps daily—walking in faith.

— Brent Lutz

The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps. (Proverbs 16:9)